How long will it take my order to ship?

  • So Goodly Apparel prides itself on getting our high quality & uniquely designed apparel items shipped out quickly. Most orders ship within 1 - 2 business days.
  • Canvas wall art, blankets, & LED lights ship out within 10 business days

Does So Goodly Apparel offer customization?

  • We do offer customization. No minimum order needed. There is also no design fee if you need us to design your customized apparel. Contact us at sales@sogoodlyapparel with your customization questions?

Does So Goodly Apparel ship internationally?

  • Yes will do ship internationally.

What are your shipping methods?

  • All orders ship vis USPS, UPS or FedEx

Beware of so ungoodly items 😒

  • Our super awesome and unique designs are So Goodly other people & companies have started to copy our designs and try to pass them along as their own. So Goodly Apparel is sold exclusively on sogoodlyapparel.com or on our Facebook store. If you see designs that are identical to ours or very similar those are not So Goodly Apparel items and will not be the same high quality apparel items that we offer. The so ungoodly items will be on lower quality apparel and the designs will be of lesser quality. 

How do I cancel an order or return an item?

  • If you need to cancel an order or return/exchange an item please e-mail us at customerservice@sogoodlyapparel.com

Is So Goodly Apparel an American company?

  • So Goodly Apparel is headquartered in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA. We have distribution facilities in New York, California, Texas & Utah